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The business starts ten years ago, when I borrowed a small pickup truck for a season and started mowing lawns. In 2011 we had an late fall ice storm and I was introduced to tree damage and the tree business. I saw potential and decided to get the arborist license. We ramped up tree service knowledge and capabilities to todays fully equipped . Now, I want to share a little more of who we are at Trout Brook Landscaping. Follow me for a few more words and we might understand each other better./p>

Connecticut is my Home My parents moved to West Hartford when my father's job transferred from Boston in 1988. My mother soon found a position as a school social worker. I attended Bugbee elementary, King Phillip Middle and then Hall High School, graduating in 2002. I spent a lot of time in the Boy Scouts, attending weekly meetings, campouts, teaching workshops, leading other boys,and eventualy attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. I always relished the competition, comradery and discipline of team activities and endurance sports, like cross country running and soccer. I was fortunate to have many intellectual friends and teachers in all these activities which is how I developed the critical thinking skills that now help shape the vision of the company.

What's in a Name Most days, as a boy I would bring my dog down by trout brook park, letting the dog off-leash stopping to smell along the forest paths, startling the wildlife while I was climbing trees. The little forested slices of West Hartford were my playground for observing nature and daydreaming. My enjoyment of the town's green spaces and green corridors is the reason why I named my business "Trout Brook Landscaping"

Our saws are sharp and our crews are well trained because a sharp saw is a safe saw.

Are your trees growing in a grove or alone? A grove of trees is healthier and sturdier. Solitary trees are more vulnerable to disease and damage.

I've always felt a strong connection and sense of discovery in Nature. Today, I have the good fortune to study nature for profit. Inspired by the miracle of wholistic "living systems" biology, I want everyone to discover nature's secrets.

'Living Soil' As a Worldview: Let's explore some background on the miracles of nature. The tiny microbial beings in the earth's topsoil are in a constant state of flow, change and interdependance. Tiny living fungus and microbes in the soil cooperate and share food with the roots of trees. Trees live in a dynamic environment of "just in time inventory" trading of nutrients and trace minerals. Their relationships with microbes are known as "symbiotic."

This symbiotic view of "living soil" brings us to a new way of looking at health. The opposite of health is disease. "Disease" is merely two words put together "dis - ease." A community of organisms is sick when it has dis - ease.

Understanding nature as inter-dependant organisms such as "Gut Flora" in the human stomach , helps us to understand how important microbes are (in this case for digesing food) Trees also depend on root fungi and bacteria in "living soil" to break down their food into absorbable nutrients. When root systems are disturbed (pesticides or herbicides, or digging), the microbes suffer and Disease in the system starts to develop

Relationships of interdependence exist in human society the same way Interfering with free and transparent market systems brings about symptoms of dis-ease like civil unrest and poverty. Wholistic systems approaches are hopeful ways of viewing the world as a self sustaining, interdependent system.

Trout Brook Landscaping LLC provides: Tree Service, Hedging, Snow Service, Lawn Care and Organic Plant Health Treatments. We assist with tree and garden consultation and collaboration for the garden enthusiast. We are knowlegeable in proper pruning techniques and tree and shrub health. We can review your goals and whether we are a good fit for your projects. If you are ready to get going with a project, call this number (860) 888 8472

- Andrew Bachman, Owner